Cheffelo signs an expanded partnership agreement with Gordon

Cheffelo (formerly LMK Group) has completed a comprehensive procurement process for last-mile distribution and platform solutions in Sweden and Norway.

The company has entered into agreements with Gordon for an extended collaboration in Sweden for Linas Matkasse, a new partnership in Norway for GodtLevert and Adams Matkasse, as well as for Gordon’s platform solution in both markets.

Through this collaboration, Cheffelo can reach more customers, offer a wider range of delivery options, increase its efficiency and reduce its environmental impact through Gordon’s coordinated network of refrigerated transportation.

“Our focus is to create epic customer experiences. Thanks to Gordon’s reach and coordinated flows, we can expand our already extensive geographic coverage and reach additional customers with optimized fillrates,” says Gabriel Sjöholm, Nordic Logistics Manager for Cheffelo.

“Chilled transportation with reduced need for ice packs in the mealkits represents an environmental gain, which is another important advantage,” says Gabriel.

To further enhance route optimization, efficiency, environmental benefits, and, most importantly, the customer experience, Cheffelo has also signed an agreement with Gordon Services for their last-mile platform solution. This will provide a more intuitive customer experience, including the ability to track the delivery in real-time.

“We are very pleased with the trust and look forward to expanding our collaboration. Our platform solution is designed to increase capacity and profitability for Cheffelo and provide their customers with a tailored service,” says Ali Ghoce, CEO of Gordon.

Cheffelo collaborates with various last-mile companies in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. The result of the procurement process means that Gordon gains extended trust in Sweden for approximately two-thirds of the deliveries.

The collaboration also expands to Norway, where Gordon will handle distribution in key regions such as Bergen, Trondheim, and parts of Oslo. The expanded collaboration also enables Cheffelo to offer its customers more delivery days and additional time slots on certain days.

Rasmus Hallgren Sánchez

Rasmus Hallgren Sánchez

Marketing Manager at Gordon Tech. Rasmus is passionate about all things marketing, e-commerce, and digitalisation. Has an almost incurable predilection for hockey and tacos.

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