Coop Online

“Our expectations have been met with flying colours.

The bigger you grow, the more complex your logistics become. Coop Online, the e-commerce store for one of Sweden’s largest grocery retailers, is not an exception. But thanks to a fruitful, and mutual partnership, with Gordon, they’ve been able to get an unbeatable overview of all their home deliveries.

Coop Online is, as the name may suggest, Coop Sweden’s e-commerce service. The company, which was founded in 2008 (under the name, has shown strong growth from the beginning and as late as 2018 had an annual turnover of €32.5 million.

Early on they became aware of the usefulness of efficient deliveries, and they have been using Gordon Delivery for several years now. As technology developed, a need also arose to find an overall platform at the central level to offer a better solution to end customers.

“Customers are used to this kind of service, and pressure is coming above all from other actors outside the grocery industry – if you shop at Apotea or H&M, it’s completely natural. For us it was necessary in order to live up to customers’ expectations,” says Niklas Zeitlin, chief operating officer at Coop Online.

Niklas Zeitlin, COO at Coop Online

With the help of Gordon’s last-mile platform, Coop Online has been able to take control of its deliveries at a central level. Dialogue has been good from the start and thanks to this close relationship, the platform has been developed as well.

“We saw a major opportunity for us to be able to monitor the transports centrally and shorten the contact pathways we had in place before. This has provided us with great opportunities to secure delivery control,” says Niklas, and continues:

“At Gordon everyone is really motivating and they take the opportunity of a meeting with us to present the next steps and think ahead. With our input in these meetings, they have been able to introduce further add-ons and functionalities that weren’t there when we bought the product.”

Company: Coop Online
Founded: 2008
Country: Sweden
Segment: Groceries

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