Last mile deliveries. First class experiences.

Create optimised delivery experiences at scale with an all-in-one delivery management platform.

Last mile deliveries without the fuss.

Gordon isn't just another a tech-savvy start-up with a revolutionising product. We’re a high-performing logistics company that knows the ins and outs of last mile deliveries; how it’s done and what problems truly need to be solved.

With that in mind, we developed Gordon Tech - a delivery management platform empowering hundreds of retailers and delivery companies across Europe.

33 %
Improved route efficiency
4.7 stars
End-customer rating
40 %
Reduced support tickets

Our high expectations have been met with flying colours. Gordon has been really open to feedback and has used it to develop new functionality.

Niklas Zeitlin
Head of Online, Coop

We are now as productive and efficient as possible, instead of having to drive across the whole country. That has saved us a lot of time and fuel.

Andreas Demetriou
CIO, Alphamega Cyprus

Gordon Tech is easy to work with, and it helps us to save time and provide high-quality service and delivery for our customers.

Michael Zhan
CEO, Pong Market

What's included

Discover our all-in-one last mile delivery platform that helps retailers boost and scale their delivery operations

Route optimisation

Create optimised and efficient routes, powered by machine learning.

Driver management

Empower drivers with an intuitive app, helping them focus on their deliveries.

Last mile analytics

Dive into delivery analytics, driver performance, and identify trends.

Live route monitoring

Monitor in real time and take action to maintain high delivery accuracy.

Temperature control

Wireless temperature sensors help monitor, prevent, and follow up on temperature deviations.

Proof of delivery

Capture proof of deliveries and see how and when they were completed.

Branded tracking page

Deliver an on-brand customer experience from order to delivery.


Streamline and automate customer communication with SMS messages and event triggers.

Dynamic checkout

Integrate with your e-commerce and display available time slots.

Delivery accuracy and transparency

Once a delivery leaves the depot, customers can track the progress and get precise ETAs to accurately plan their day.

Flexible delivery options

Customers can update their preferences and allow the driver to leave it outside. The driver takes a photo that's stored on the delivery history.

Feedback to improve

Collect customer feedback, both qualitative and quantitative, about the delivery experience.

All in one platform

Manage all aspects of your last mile delivery logistics in one platform. Say goodbye to tiresome exports and copy paste.

Real-time fleet visibility

Monitor routes and streamline operations, enhance customer service, and improve bottom-line results.

Reduced support tickets

Create effective consumer communication and enable dynamic ETAs. Our platform reduces the number of incoming support tickets with up to 40%.

Exceptional driver app

Our app has been developed in collaboration with 300+ drivers to provide an optimised workflow.

Satisfied customers

With a 94% satisfaction rate among customers, we give drivers the necessary tools for a successful delivery experience.

Up-to-date information

Facilitate the driver experience and help them in their job. Customers can add instructions on how they want their parcel delivered.

Cost-effective deliveries

Our customers see on average a 33% uplift in delivery efficiency. Not to mention the indirect savings using one platform.

Exceed customer expectations

Take your business to the next level. Develop new and attractive offerings that reflect consumer behaviours and sets you up for continued growth.

Low investment risk

Transparent and scalable pricing model allows you to grow at your own pace. No annual contracts or fixed fees.

Smooth integration options

Automate your delivery operations and minimise the workload. We offer both an open API as well as plug-and-play options.

Flexible webhooks

Use a variety of webhooks to listen for order and route events. Automatically trigger updates in other systems and platforms.

Excellent documentation

We offer well-documented APIs and dedicated support from our developers and integration experts.

One platform.
Endless opportunities.

Learn why the world’s largest and most innovative companies drive last-mile transformation with Gordon.

One platform.
Endless opportunities.

Learn why the world’s largest and most innovative companies drive last-mile transformation with Gordon.

Discover how Gordon solves strategic logistics challenges

Get expert advice on how to advance your delivery and customer experience strategy

Explore our Last Mile Delivery Management Platform

Gordon is a cloud-based platform that empowers retailers to manage, track, and optimise their last mile deliveries.